The prepaid card for your everyday spending

A prepaid card offers a safe, easy and convenient way to manage your money – for your busy lifestyles just like yours. Simply load money onto your card and use it to pay for online shopping or everyday purchases. With the Opt+ card, you can manage your money anywhere!

The Opt+ prepaid Mastercard®

A card that can handle your everyday spending and your busy lifestyle.

Load Money

Load your card at home,
at work or on the go!

Mobile cheque deposit

Direct deposit

No fee loads and unloads at Cash Money stores

Use Anywhere

Use your card anywhere
Mastercard® is accepted!

Make purchases at stores and online

Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide

Pay bills and make everyday purchases

Anywhere Mastercard® is accepted

Track Spending

Know your balance,
no matter where you are!

Mobile app for Android and iOS

Email and text alerts

Get your card today!

Always know your balance, use your card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, and have access to your account on the go! Getting an Opt+ card is as easy as clicking the “Get Started” button below and providing some basic information.

Prepaid card questions

Q: What are prepaid cards?

A: A prepaid card can be used for everyday purchases. With a prepaid card, you can only spend the amount of money you have on your card. So if your purchase is larger than the amount of money you have loaded on your card, it will be declined (with no penalty fees if you have an Opt+ card!)

Q: Where can I get a prepaid card?

A: You can purchase an Opt+ card online or at any participating Cash Money location.

Q: How do I activate my Opt+ prepaid Mastercard®?

A: The activation process takes just a few short minutes, and as soon as your card has been activated you can immediately load money to your card and begin making purchases! Activate your card online or by calling 1-855-403-8343.

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Get your Opt+ prepaid Mastercard® today!

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